What Is An Anal Fissure And What Causes It?

What is an Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is a small slit, cut or tear in the delicate tissue that lines the anus.  

Anal fissures happen when your anus is strained and a small tear occurs.

An anal fissure is very similar to when you get a cut where the top and bottom lips on your mouth meet.  

Unfortunately, with anal fissures the time to heal is much longer because air cannot get into the area as easy to help the healing process.


Symptoms of an Anal Fissure

1. Moderate to severe pain in your anus during and/or after a bowel movement.  In my case it hurt during the bowel movement and the pain got severe in the minutes  after the bowel movement. Sometimes the pain lasted up to two hours.


2. You may see bright red blood in the toilet or on the toilet paper after you wipe.  


3. The area around the anus may itch and become irritated.


4. The anal fissure may be visible and a small crack in the skin can be seen. Your doctor will have to visually examine the area to find just where the anal fissure is.  Most fissures happen on the outside, but can happen internally as well.


5. You may have a small lump on the skin near the anal fissure.  


Common Causes of an Anal Fissure

1. Trauma to the anus.

This can be caused during a woman’s pregnancy or during childbirth. It is very common for a woman’s anus to tear during delivery and for her to get an anal fissure as a result.  

(It is safe for women to use the H-Fissures all natural oil during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  *Always consult your doctor before using any medication during and after your pregnancy*) 


2. Sitting on the toilet for too long while having a bowel movement can cause an anal fissure or hemorrhoids.  Limit your time on the toilet to no more than 5 minutes to reduce the risk of this happening.


3. Anal intercourse can cause the anus to tear, resulting in an anal fissure.  


4. Passing a stool that is too hard can cause an anal fissure.


5. Constipation and straining too hard to pass a stool are very common causes of anal fissures.


6. Diarrhea is another very common cause of anal fissures.  This is exactly what caused my anal fissure.  I was taking a large amount of antibiotics which caused me to have diarrhea.

The frequent trips to the bathroom and the stools being too soft and runny are what caused my anus to tear.


7. Crohn’s Disease can cause an anal fissure because of the amount of diarrhea that the disease causes.


8. Anal sphincter spasms or an anus that is too tight.


9. A decrease in blood flow to the anal region can cause an anal fissure.This is the major reason why it takes so long for an anal fissure to heal because the anus does not get much blood flow and as a result it takes longer for injuries to this region to heal.  


The H-Fissures oil greatly aids in improving blood flow to this area which in turn helps to heal the fissure faster.


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