Editorial Policy For HealFissures

Heal Fissures Objective.

My objective for the Heal Fissures website is very simple.

It is to help as many people as I can to heal their Anal Fissure at home using Homeopathic methods without the need for surgery.


Objective of Content on the Heal Fissures website.

First and foremost, all of the content on the Heal Fissures website is written by David Neff, the owner and creator of Heal Fissures.

I do not outsource any of the content for the website.  I want every article that you read to be as genuine and honest as possible so I write them using my knowledge and personal experience related to each topic.

I want each article that you read to make your more informed about the problem you are dealing with as well as to give you actionable advice that you can use to heal your anal fissure.

One thing I want to make very clear is that the content on this site in no way is meant to replace the medical device you may receive from a doctor or medical professional.  

I many disagree with some of the methods that doctors may use to treat anal fissures, but that is only because of my personal experience with some of the treatment methods that I was given by them while I had my Anal Fissure.

The content on Heal Fissures is meant to give you a Homeopathic Treatment Plan that you can follow from the comfort of your home.


Who does Heal Fissures create content for?

I write my articles for the person who is open to trying Homeopathic home healing methods to heal their Anal Fissure.

The content is for people who may have tried traditional medicine and were not able to heal their Anal Fissure using these methods.

I feel that my content can help any medical professional that is open to Homeopathic healing methods for their patients.


Heal Fissures Linking Policy to other websites or products.

I only link to other sources of information that align with my personal experience and beliefs on using Homeopathic healing methods to heal Anal Fissures.

Any link from Heal Fissures to a product is done to help you heal your Anal Fissure.

The products that I recommend are almost always ones that I have personally used myself when I had my Anal Fissure.

I do make a small commission from the companies that make these products.  This money is what helps me to continue to pay for the monthly expenses of running this website.

Any link you use to buy a product is at no additional cost to you.

You can read my full Affiliate Disclosure Statement if you want to learn more.

If you do choose to use my links to buy the products I want to personally thank you for supporting me and helping me to continue helping people just like you.





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