Anal Fissure Cream and Medicines That Don’t Work

What Your Doctor Is Not Telling You About Your Anal Fissure

What I’m going to tell you about anal fissure cream is probably going to upset many doctors and surgeons.

I don’t care what they think.  I care about YOU.


In this video I share with you all of the creams and medicines my doctor gave me that DID NOT WORK.

I understand the pain you are going through right now because I had an anal fissure.  I remember the days I just wanted to give up because I was in so much pain.


Your doctor does not know what kind of pain you are dealing with right now, so they cannot relate to your pain.  I can.


They will give you an anal fissure cream to treat your fissure .  After a week of not getting any relief you will go back and ask them for something else to help get rid of the pain.


Now your doctor is going to recommend that you have surgery to correct the problem.


Sound familiar?  That is exactly what my doctor told me.  And to be honest, I think I have a good doctor who really cares about my health.


The problem is that doctors are trained to prescribe medicine to treat ailments and when that does not work they resort to more drastic measures like surgery.


Well, you’re in luck because you don’t need any cream or medicine from your doctor and you certainly don’t need to have surgery.  The creams and medicines they prescribe DO NOT work.  The surgery does NOT heal your anal fissure.


They actually cut your anus again to supposedly get rid of your anal fissure.  An anal fissure is a cut in your anus.  How does cutting your anus again heal the anal fissure ?!!?!?!?


I hate to say it, but your doctor cannot help you.  Would  you like to know why?


Because they WILL NOT tell you about the H-Fissures all natural oil  that will heal your anal fissure.  Quite frankly, it is sad that another human being will not help another human being because they cannot make any money from telling you about this oil.


Doctors make money by prescribing drugs and performing surgeries on people.   They make nothing by promoting an all natural oil that actually heals an anal fissure.

Have you read my Top 10 Ways How To Heal An Anal Fissure Naturally and Fast article yet?


Have any questions?  Feel free to Contact Me.  I am glad to help if I can.