How To Soften Your Stools & How To Avoid Constipation

How to heal from an Anal Fissure or Hemorrhoids is a question you are likely looking for an answer to just like I was in 2011 when I had an anal fissure.  


You will need to know how to soften your stools & how to avoid constipation during your home treatment.


The H-Fissures oil that I used will heal your anal fissure, but what about all of the pain you are going through every time you have a bowel movement?  


The biggest problem that I had to deal with during the time I was trying to heal my fissure was trying to keep my stools soft so it would not hurt every time I had a painful bowel movement.  From here on I am going to call a bowel movement a “Poop”.


In addition to the extreme pain I was in from a hard poop I would also see blood in my Poop.  This was quite frightening to see, but you have to remember that whether you have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids, you have a condition at your anus that can bleed.  A small amount of blood should not be cause for alarm, but if there is a lot of blood you need to see your doctor.


I knew at the time that if I was going to heal my anal fissure I had to avoid being constipated and I had to keep my Poop soft every day.  I know this because if I had a hard Poop I would be in a lot of pain shortly after.  Sometimes, the pain was so bad that I would just lie down and cry while I tried to get through the pain.  🙁


What I came up with to help avoid constipation and also keep my Poop soft (but not runny like diarrhea) was a combination of three ingredients.


Every day I would make a mixture of 32 ounces of water and a little bit of Metamucil & Miralax and then drink the mixture throughout the day.  I drank this every day during the time I was healing my anal fissure.  I eventually stopped drinking the mixture once my anal fissure was completely healed.




I made this video for you to show you how I made my water, Miralax and Metamucil mixture every day.  I hope it helps you like it helped me.  Please remember that this is my personal experience on what worked for me and you should consult a doctor first to make sure this will be safe for you to do as well. These ingredients are all over-the-counter products, but it is still a good idea to check with your doctor first.

It is important that you keep your Poop soft. Constipation is the other thing you must avoid.  In case you do not know what constipation is, let me help you understand what causes constipation and how to relieve constipation.


Constipation is the term for when you have trouble going Poop or when your Poop is very hard and not easy to pass.  


Constipation is the result of not having enough water in your stool.  Other common causes include eating too much fast food (burgers & french fries), not enough fiber in your diet, taking medicine(s) that can cause constipation, and being fearful of having a painful bowel movement so that you end up holding back your Poop.



Here are some other natural ways to get rid of constipation fast at home:


1. Drink at 32-64 ounces of water every day….SO IMPORTANT!


2. Start using the Squatty Potty for proper toilet posture.  Squatty Potty has solved the problem of how to get rid of constipation naturally.   It is such a simple product, but probably the best way to relieve constipation fast.  


By aligning your colon to the proper position when Pooping you will make it easier for your body have a smooth bowel movement and help to relieve some of the pain associated with anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Squatty Potty


3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. 


4. Avoid eating foods like dairy products, reduce your portions of meat and stay away from processed foods.


5.  Light exercise is very helpful.  Try taking a walk several times per week.  


I cannot stress enough the importance of sticking to a regular routine of drinking plenty of water and better eating habits.  If you continue to make poor food choices you will continue to have problems healing your anal fissure or hemorrhoids.  


I totally understand how difficult this can be.  I’ve been there.  You can get through this!!

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