What is an Anal Fissure?

An anal fissure is a small slit, cut or tear in the delicate tissue that lines the anus.  An anal fissure is very similar to when you get a cut between your top and bottom lips on your mouth.  Unfortunately, with anal fissures the time to heal is much longer because air cannot get into the area as easy to help the healing process.

Anal fissures usually occur when you pass a hard stool during a bowel movement.  They can also occur from repeated bowel movements when you have diarrhea.  This is what caused my anal fissure.  My doctor prescribed a large amount of antibiotics to me and they caused me to get diarrhea.

The anal fissure probably occurred due to the repeated trips to the bathroom.  I just want to point this out to you because a lot of people think anal fissures only occur from having a very hard stool.

Anal fissures can also occur from having anal sex.  

Here is a list of some of the symptoms you may experience from having an anal fissure:

  • Moderate to severe pain in your anus during and/or after a bowel movement.  In my case it hurt during the bowel movement and the pain got severe in the minutes  after the bowel movement.  Sometimes the pain lasted up to two hours.
  • You may see bright red blood in the toilet or on the toilet paper after you wipe.  
  • The area around the anus may itch and become irritated.
  • The anal fissure may be visible and a small crack in the skin can be seen.  Your doctor will have to visually examine the area to find just where the anal fissure is.  Most fissures happen on the outside, but can happen internally as well.
  • You may have a small lump on the skin near the anal fissure.  

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